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Competition goals

Create an adaptive reuse project, providing functional use that fits building topology and urban context.

To save

the authenticity of architectural heritage

To improve

the property complex profitability

To unite

the property complex with single concept

To integrate

the territory into the urban context

Buildings history

Melnychuka 14, St.

1843 — the building was built in place of the fortress wall, which separated the former city center from the Zabolotіv suburb, as a private house of government official J. Hendlich. 1846 — the district noble court was located here. Later, part of the premises was rented for officers' apartments.1897 — the only tenant becomes the district civil court. 1911…1934 — starostwo powiatowe (administrative unit).Under Soviet rule — the school of working youth, one of the buildings of the secondary school No 9.1996 — Western Ukrainian University of Economics and Law.

Melnychuka 16, St.

1870s — H. Jonas builds a one-storey manor house in the style of classicism.1921 — Jewish primary school.1925 — a Jewish gymnasium was opened. The building was called the Jewish People's House.1931 — a two-storey volume with a ground floor in the style of functionalism was added to the existing wing.1936 — the second floor in the style of classicism was added to the main wing.1937 — a third floor was added to the functionalist wing.
Under Soviet rule — secondary school No 5, later — secondary school No 9.
1996 — Western Ukrainian University of Economics and Law.


  • 08 november 2021

    Registration start

    for competition participation

  • december 2021

    Existing conditions drawings and program mailing

    Restoration task, 3D models of buildings and environment, photos, etc.

  • 01 march 2022

    Registration deadline

  • 18 march 2022

    Works submission deadline

  • 25 march 2022

    Jury meeting, announcement of competition results


First place

150k UAH

Second place

100k UAH

Third place

50k UAH

Graphisoft Center Ukraine

Gifts from the competition partner — Graphisoft Center Ukraine


Ганна Бондар

Anna Bondar

Kyiv, UA

ukrainian architect and art critic.

Юрій Дубик

Yurii Dubyk

Lviv, UA

architect-restorer, associate professor of the Department of Architecture and Restoration of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine, member of the Ukrainian National Committee ICOMOS, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of architecture.

Марко Савицький

Marko Savytskyi

Lviv, UA

architect, founder of the architectural bureau Savytskyy Design, member of the Architectural Town Planning Council of Lviv, co-author of amendments to the Law 1553 on the preservation of UNESCO cultural heritage.


Marian Andrukhiv

Ivano-Frankivsk, UA

architect, founder of the A37 architectural bureau, Chairman of the Board of the Art Gisheft NGO.

Юрій Ковальчук

Yurii Kovalchuk

Ivano-Frankivsk, UA

architect, head of the architectural bureau M-105.Architects, member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine and Ivano-Frankivsk regional organization board, member of the Architectural Chamber, member of the Architectural and Urban Planning Council of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Крістіан Ґіґлер

Christian Gigler

Vienna, AT

DI, architect and urban designer, lecturer at Vienna University of Technology (Institute of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture), Secretary General and Head of Department of Urban Design and Architecture at International Summer University Carinthia, CEO and Chief Architect at UBOS GmbH — iGE Intelligent Green Energy Buildings & Cities.


Claudio Meninno

Gorizia, IT

dott. arch., Ph.D. founder of the architectural bureau Meninno Architects S.r.l.


Architects are invited to participate in the competition. To submit a competitive project the author can form a team, being its leader or participant. The team must include an architect, whose qualification certificate (or a relevant for your country document) was added during registration. Students can participate in the competition as part of the team.
Participation in the competition of interdisciplinary teams, as well as teams consisting of specialists in the field of architecture, urban planning, education, sociology, etc. is encouraged.
Participation is free.

Organizational committee


Executive Secretary of the Competition —
Andrii Nazarenko.
Competition coordinator —
Artur Prokipchuk.




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«The conservation of monuments is always facilitated by making use of them for some socially useful purpose. Such use is therefore desirable but it must not change the lay-out or decoration of the building. It is within these limits only that modifications demanded by a change of function should be envisaged and may be permitted.»

Venice Charter



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